Project Name: Cocktail Kitchen

Location: Dubai, UAE

Status: Completed

Sector: Retail

Scope: Architecture and Interior Design

Area: 500 sqm

Year: 2015


Cocktail Kitchen unconventional concept stems from being an equally impressive restaurant and a bar that celebrates and unites the craft of mixology and the culinary experience. The client brief required the architects to induce the notion of feeling ‘at home’ by allowing for different levels of privacy and program to occur.

The architects anticipated social narratives to inform the spatial planning and design process, as to how individuals, groups, couples, families and even strangers might interact and utilize parts of the bar / restaurant so that different social experiences could be designed together with the Client. The project was also created to subtly reveal itself and its details which may or not be noticed until the second, or third visits.

The sequence of spaces and multiple entry-points take people on different journeys through the whole environment. These journeys are intrinsically linked to the social stories anticipated, meaning that Cocktail Kitchen has been designed as a multi-layered experience to tailor to each individual experience.